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    Secure your website & emails

    Advanced Web Application Firewall and Spam Filtering Solutions 

    Web Security & Web Application Firewall

    Secure your website and applications from cyber threats, With Doodle Technologies you can secure your cloud and on-prem apps using industry leading WAF solutions.

    Email Security

    Enterprise grade email security solutions. Host your emails anywhere, but we can secure your emails on cloud. Use our expertise to implement suitable email security solutions for your organization.

    SSL Certificate

    Security, credibility and trust for your website with SSL certificates. Get your Positive, Comodo, Wildcard and EV SSLs from our SSL store to secure your website.

    Backup Solutions

    We provide most reliable and secured backup solutions for servers, computers, websites and emails. Get scheduled backup of your important data to local storage or cloud and protect it.

    Web Security & Web Applicaiton Firewall

    Being safe on the internet is important as data breaches are expensive. We help you to take precocious steps to stay protected against threats like SQL injection, path traversal and so on which can cause irreplaceable damages. We choose industry-leading WAF solutions to safeguard your applications.

    Email Security

    Emails have become the foundation of daily business communication where we are prone to various kinds of security threats from spoofing to malware attacks. We assist you to choose and set up enterprise-grade email security solutions to secure emails, restore trust, and ensure cyber resilience.

    SSL Certificate

    We offer SSL certificates to enhance website security and keep sensitive information sent across the internet encrypted so that the only the intended recipient can decrypt it. SSL certificates help you to gain trust among your customers stay secured in the internet. We provide complete support to setup and configure SSL certificates and manage its renewal and updations.

    Backup Solutions

    A business can never afford to lose its critical data. Thus, strong backup solution is essential for the fact that data loss can result in irreplaceable defilement in the firm. Get scheduled backup solutions for your important data to local storage or cloud to secure it.

    Website Backup

    Back up your website and database to a secured cloud irrespective of the hosting provider. We assist you to choose solutions that help to restore your website easily from backup in case of any malware attack.

    • CodeGuard
    • Acronis

    Email Backup

    Protect your email data with hassle free backup solutions. Even if you have hosted your emails elsewhere, we can help you to set up a backup solution. We provide you enterprise Office 365 and  G Suite backup solutions.

    • CloudAlly
    • Acronis
    • Skykick
    • ArcTitan

    Acronis Cyber Cloud

    Protect your computers, servers, virtual machines, files, Office 365 and website from one place. A hassle free backup solution for your business to protect any workload. Acronis offers complete business protection for systems on-premises and remote location in public or private cloud.  

    • Backup
    • Disaster Recovery 
    • File Sync & Share 
    • Ransomware Protection 
    • Software defined storage 

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