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    Structured cabling company UAE

    Structured cabling company UAE

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      What is structured cabling system?

      A Structured Cabling System is for integrating voice, data, video, and various management systems of a building. This is done with the help of extensive cabling and other connectivity devices. A business can integrate systems such as security alarms, security access, energy systems, and other controls across buildings, campus, or an area using structured cabling system.Call our structured cabling company UAE for further details and free quotes.

      Six major components of structured cabling systems

      Entrance facility

      The point where all the wiring procedure starts

      Equipment Rooms

      special rooms set up as consolidation points for storing equipments

      Backbone Cabling

      setting cable connections inside and between buildings

      Horizontal Cabling

      Wiring systems to connect telecommunications rooms to other areas

      Telecommunications area

      an area that connects backbone and horizontal cabling

      Work Area

      connections between user equipments and communication outlets

      Benefits of setting up a structured cabling network

      We are the top structured cabling company in UAE, and we have been serving various business for over years. Our company helps you set up , install and properly design a structured cabling system that offers the following benefits

      High performanceHigh performance

      flexible communication systemsflexible communication systems

       Offers redundancy Offers redundancy

       Improved communication Improved communication

       maximize productivity  and less downtime maximize productivity and less downtime


      better adaptability and compatible with other systems

      easy management and monitoring


      long term investment

      cyber security

      Facility to accommodate changes and new additions

      Why choose us for your structured cabling service requirements? – The leading structured cabling company UAE

      We provide optimum design for structured cabling system that is simple and easy to manage. In addition, it is also easy to maintain. Moreover, you get high ROI for the early one-time investment that your company invests. We set up the system in such a way that you can easily scale it and adapt according to your future requirements. We also adhere to all structuring cable standards while installing systems.

      Our company uses the latest technologies to install structured cabling system for your business. This will help your business to reduce downtime, improve performance, increased bandwidth, easy to find out errors and, also to fix them on time. In addition, we use standard products that are cost-effective and save time without the need of major maintenance.

      Our Structured cabling company in UAE– Features


      Experienced technicians who quickly deliver best floor plans for your site


      Regular site visits to inspect quality


      Proper documentation and installation support


      We provide installation documents and location specifications


      Technical specification sheets


      Warranties of various products used


      100% customer support

      We help you grow your business with the best-structured cabling service

      Our structured cabling company in UAE helps you to set up your own system without any hassles. We are one of the best and reliable structured cabling solution providers. Our staffs and technicians have the required expertise to set up a swift and running cabling system. Thus the newly installed systems will have the functionality to accommodate new changes, additions, or moves.

      Due to these features, your company will achieve higher performance and quality that enhances business growth. Our cabling services take very less time to set up and to install. Also we make sure to set the system in such as way that it can easily adapt with future network infrastructure changes.

      Types of cabling – we offer the following cabling systems


      Category 6 cable


      Twisted pair


      Fibre‑Optic Cable


      Coaxial Cable


      Shielded twisted pair

      World class technology at your fingertip